Comfortable with a Touch of Elegance: What to Search for In Your Mattress and Why?

22 Aug

It might happen that you are not being able to sleep well at times. You might try to find the proper reason and what should you do to get back to your normal routine with good sleep and proper rest. Have you ever wondered what your mattress might be the reason for your disturbed sleep at night? Well, it is time for you to be cautious about your mattress now. Rush to the nearest mattress store and make sure to choose the best mattress for your sleepy hours.

nearest mattress store

You might also have heard about adjustable beds, which are extremely popular these days. They contain both the base and the mattress and have already been used for a lot of beds. The benefits of an adjustable bed are common and very important for you to know before taking a firm decision about your mattress and your bed:

  • An adjustable bed is very effective during pains. If you want to move or rest one of your body parts a little differently without disturbing your entire body, you could easily do that in your adjustable bed. Any part of the bed can be moved and adjusted according to your peace and convenience, hence, the name!
  • If you sleep with someone, but both of you have different sleeping postures and preferences, the adjustable beds could be moved according to each of your preferences. The mattresses in these beds are very effective, and extremely easy to move and be comfortable in.
  • The foam inside the mattresses helps the mattress understand your posture and adjust accordingly. You don’t need to change according to your mattress, you mattress would change and shift according to you!

But, in order to know which mattress would be the best for you, you need to know about all the important categories briefly. Also, this would help you analyze the best mattress deals in Wilmington and choose your mattress accordingly:

Best mattress deals in Wilmington

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are the most common types of mattresses because almost everyone chooses to go for it! The steel coil system helps in supporting the entire mattress which in turn, adjusts to your body positions. If you are concerned about the mattress for sale in Wilmington, you must understand that springs might be connected to a single unit or a group of coils which make one unit. But, what you must really be concerned about is the inner spring. The innerspring consists of different materials for different types of spring mattresses which include:

  • Fiber
  • Foam
  • Small steel springs

For the best results, more coils are mandatory. The greater the coils in the mattress, better the support for your sleepy body.

Hybrid Mattresses

As the name suggests, these mattresses are made by the permutation and combination of different types of mattresses which in turn, serve as the best mattress deals in Wilmington. Given the quality of these mattresses, the materials included might be foam, latex or complex materials like polyurethane or visco-elastic. They are built according to the needs of the customer.

Pillow-Top Mattresses

An extra layer, which is also known as an upholstery layer is knitted on the edge which looks like a pillow is attached to the mattresses. If you are someone who mandatorily cannot sleep without pillows, this is your mattress!

Gel Mattresses

These mattresses are very common in mattress for sale in Wilmington, because they provide a complete protection from heat. They contain foam mixed with gel which forms the inner portion of the mattress. Also, they nonchalantly come in different shapes for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

quality mattress for sale in Wilmington

Latex Mattress

These mattresses are way too popular due to its durability. They definitely use latex which might be a plant-based material or petroleum based one; either way, they work just fine for your body and its pressure points.

These are some of the important mattress types in the field of good mattresses. Also, if you visit the nearest mattress stores, be very careful and firm on your preferences. Remember, comfort and safety are the two things which every mattress should have irrespective of the materials used. Speciality foam and Tempur-Pedic are always the top picks for any customer who knows about mattresses!


Nearest Mattress Stores in Wilmington Delaware,USA: Online Shopping

8 Aug

If you are wondering about mattresses, the most bought definitely is the Tempur-Pedic! For mattresses to sell well, it needs to be over-the-top comfortable, with the right temperature and shape. Not to forget, the material mustn’t be all coarse and sticky, instead, it should be well sensitive and adjusted to the temperature and pressure outside.

The demand for the mattress is increasing with each passing day. The foam mattresses and the most used Tempur-Pedic mattress have reached the level of royalty due to the added advantages which it showers. When more and more buyers started noticing this form of the mattress, there was no looking back for the nearest mattress stores in City as the online store! The owner satisfaction reviews which the Tempur-Pedic mattresses provide have been the guiding force of this industry.

nearest mattress stores

For the newbies, who are keen on buying the best mattress ever, you must buy Stearns and Foster mattresses. But, before you choose your type, here are some great benefits of the Tempur-Pedic mattress which would help you take the best decision:

Tempur-Pedic is Not the Standard Memory Foam

The mattress which you own probably has the standard memory foam which has a huge sale worldwide due to its easy availability but what must be sincerely kept in mind is the quality. With the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, they automatically adjust to your body shape and heat, allowing you to have the best sleep ever! It helps better your alignments and releases the pressure from the stressed areas of your body.

Firm or Soft?

If you buy Tempur-Pedic mattresses from Wilmington, they got you covered! The cells per inch in their mattresses determine the softness or firmness of the bed. Also, it is best to judge your health conditions before determining the mattress. Just know that you would get everything according to your preference.

buy tempur-pedic mattresses Wilmington

Say ‘No’ to Cavity

The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are very well adjusted and would form a cavity or let’s say, a ‘black-hole’ even if a heavier person sleeps on the bed. So, you can always have your own space even if you have to sleep with two or more people on the bed. It protects your privacy.

Comfort is the Key

How do you sleep without being comfortable? Comfort is one of the great benefits which you would receive if you buy Stearns and Foster mattresses. Needless to mention, your body wouldn’t pain in the morning due to uneven posture. Also sleeping in the correct type of mattress which completely molds with your body could prevent you from deadly diseases such as high blood pressures, stroke, heart attacks or diabetes. Having said this, saving yourself from diseases and illnesses must be your first priority.

After a hectic day, a good night’s sleep is all we want to be able to stand firmly on our feet the very next day. So, there you go!

buy Stearns and Foster mattresses

Taking Care of Your Positions

Whatever your sleeping postures and positions may be, Tempur-Pedic mattresses from Wilmington have been specially designed to support you. You don’t need to keep reminding yourself about your pressure points while sleeping because your mattress has been designed to gather around you according to your position.

Bid Goodbye to Disturbed Sleeps

Traditional mattresses do not adjust according to your motions. But, with the Tempur-Pedic ones, the mattresses have been specifically designed to adjust with your motion. Sometimes, you might have a disturbed sleep, but do not worry about being late for office the next day, because your mattress wouldn’t let that happen.

Avoid Allergies and Breathing Troubles

Often, low-quality mattresses might be the home to certain mites and specks of dust. While some people are scared of mites, others catch dust allergies easily. It is always safer to use Tempur-Pedic mattresses from Wilmington which have dense and locked structures in order to cancel such unwanted harassments. Be safe and sure about the place you sleep. Also, try surface vacuuming which is also very important for every house. That always saves the day.

If buying a mattress is in your mind, rush to the nearest mattress store as soon as possible. Choosing a mattress is no small deal and before choosing one, it is very important to be thorough with the benefits and advantages. You’re all set!

10 Facts About Tempur-Pedic and Posturepedic Mattresses

18 Jul

The latest American Consumer research has concluded that over 80% of the Americans suffer from back pain. A good 10.2 percent out of this 80% are diagnosed with chronic lower back pain, a number that has drastically increased since the 1992 study. Injuries or unsupervised exercise can often lead to unexplained back pain;however, it is the chronic pain that stands out. Recent study shows that extra-soft or extra-firm mattresses are a leading cause of the debilitating effect upon humans. Mattress deals Wilmington exhibits the best mattresses that help alleviate or treat symptoms of this lifetime problem.

Mattress deals Wilmington

Tempur-Pedic and Posturepedic mattresses are frequently availed by consumers as both shows excellent scientific backup and positive results. Here are ten facts you should know before buying Sealy Posturepedic mattresses and Tempur-Pedic mattresses:

  1. Memory Foam was originally invented for astronauts

The space-age visco-elastic, also known as memory foam, is one of the most celebrated advancements made by NASA. Before much usage, the mattress rapidly entered into households and is now a much favourite bedding.

  1. Space-age contouring

One of the leading reasons for the popularity of Tempur-Pedic mattresses is their ability to cushion every body curve as you sleep. Since it was originally created for astronauts, the idea was to offer them a sound sleep while in Mars, as the mattress deftly contours each body curvature to provide support.

  1. You have got nothing to lose with Posturepedic mattresses

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses come in three basic forms: the Posturepedic, plus and hybrid. Enough research and thorough study should inform you about the right kind to support your back and shoulders. Nonetheless, each kind is renowned for its firm support. Hence, if you communicate to the seller your specific requirements, you should be able to end up with the perfect Sealy mattress.

  1. Aim for a straight spine sleeping posture

The Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are often revered in the reviews for their signature straight spine support. The build of the mattress is so intricate and smart that while balancing the firmness scale, it aims at securing a straight spine for the sleeper. It does not fool you with its extra-cushioned bedding, as it could lead to further deterioration of your back pain.

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses

  1. Tempur-Pedic has one mattress for every sleeping style

People’s sleeping styles are as versatile as India’s cloth industry, implying that not one sleeper could be disappointed by their products. Buy Tempur-Pedic mattress Wilmington that has Temper-Cloud for the comfort-savvy, Temper-Flex with extremely responsive Dynamic coils and Temper-Contour specializing in extreme body contouring for a sound sleep experience.

  1. Excellent temperature monitoring

If you are a night-sweater or get chills while sleeping, Tempur-Pedic should help alleviate the symptoms. With top-notch temperature ranges, the memory foam responds impressively to the change in body temperatures. This means that you would not be needing any added insulation or to lose insulation.

  1. Tempur-pedic’s motion transfer reduction

One of the popular causes of waking up in unusual hours is your partner’s tossing and turning. Unlike any other mattress in the market, the Tempur material remarkably absorbs the movements of the other person and makes you less disturbed.

  1. No more rolling out of bed!

Mattress deals Wilmington brings you premium quality Sealy mattresses that guarantee Solid-Edge Support features. The feature has a unique edge support system on all sides that prevents you from rolling off during intense tossing and turning and keeps you cradled throughout the night.

  1. Sealy’s benchmark tested raw materials

Sealy, being a reputed mattress company, maintains healthy tested records of raw materials, finished products, etc. Since the company delivers products that match its own standards and international standards, there is no middle ground in its product’s quality. However, the expenses are high, as Sealy mattress has quite a market amongst the celebrities.

  1. Tempur-Pedic could cure sleep deprivation

This millennium has witnessed some of the most drastic effects on sleep cycle especially since the emergence of the internet. The sleep-deprived students and employees are gradually inching closer to health complications without prior knowledge. Tempur-Pedic being hypoallergenic, highly contouring and having a wide range of temperatures ensures that the 21st century’s sleep-deprived generation gets uninterrupted sleep.


Where to Buy Mattresses: A Complete Guide on Choosing Your Ideal Mattress

4 Jul

When you visit a shopping mall, it is expected to be picky when buying the clothes you think would best fit you. Things that directly concern our appearance receive more attention compared to the things that do not. Do you follow your water-drinking routine consistently or have you given much thought to the type of mattress for sleeping? Generally, an average human would not spend much time and money over things that are not conspicuous enough. For instance, a shirt that makes you look good achieves its purpose the moment you try it on. Alternatively, the advantage of sleeping in a customized mattress or the one that suits you accomplishes its purpose over a long period.

The commercial sector is not brimming with good mattress companies, which is why you could be plagued with the question: where to buy mattresses. Let us take a quick look at the guidelines that determine the mattress you should be sleeping on:

Physical factors that determine your mattress choice

If you are going to sleep on something for at least ten years, it should better be of premium quality and durable. Before educating you on buying techniques, here are four basic support types of mattresses

  1. Memory foam mattresses

If your doctor has recommended getting bedding that gives a firm-base, then memory foam is the one for you. These mattresses are mostly used by middle-aged to older people as they relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue, muscle pain and more. Buy Stearns and Foster mattressesto get premium-quality memory foam for a better physiological health.

However, if you have temperature issues such as uncontrolled overheating of your body, it is recommended to not invest in them.

  1. Innerspring mattresses

The most commonly used mattress by the Americans, innersprings are an easy favourite of the kids because of its natural bounce and high comfort. The compressibility varies as these mattresses are available in both 12-inch and 18-inch springs. Bulky people tend to choose the thickest ones with 12-inch coils. For better-adjusted compressibility resort to the interconnected coils else, you may experience them sticking out within a span of five years.

  1. Air/Vinyl mattresses

Portable and fun, air-filled rubber or vinyl mattresses are best for camping trips and pyjama parties. When pondering where to buy mattresses such as these, look for the ones that offer mechanical air chambers for added support. These mattresses are highly customisable; hence, if your household has varied preferences get a couple of air mattresses to satisfy everyone.

  1. Latex mattresses

Invest a little bit more and buy Sterns and Foster mattresses instead. Their latex mattress rests somewhere between memory foam and innerspring mattresses in the firmness scale. For people who are suffering from back pain, latex is the answer. Their ability to contour your body as you sleep sidewise is a celebrated feature.

If memory foam is too firm for your taste, then invest in something with a little more buoyancy. Moreover, they are generally antimicrobial repelling bed bugs and dust mites.

Mattress buying tactics: an expert’s guide

Are your buying skills lagging? When you are sinking money into a thing that is going to support you every night, it should be worth every penny. Here are some tips to keep you at the top of your game:

where to buy mattresses

  • Do not give in to sale-gimmicks that proclaim their mattresses are “medically approved” or “for older people”. Most of them would fail to show the medical approval.
  • You may think you need a pillow but you probably do not. Making a healthy habit of sleeping without pillows for light-weight people gives positive results.
  • Invest in an adjustable bed instead of a traditional one if you like variety.
  • Rely on companies that specialize in mattress selling only.
  • Reputed companies would give you mattresses with at least a 10-year full replacement warranty, so do your research.
  • If you are buying a mattress from a store, try every kind by lying on them to understand which suits your body better.
  • Do not deny the power of the World Wide Web. Committing in prior research could help you view mattresses with knowledge about prices and features.

Benefits of Sealy Mattresses

25 Jun

Most people spend their entire life sleeping on a complete uncomfortable mattress. There could be a number of reasons why people can’t get a comfortable mattress, and the most common reason is “lack of awareness”. Most people don’t know where to buy mattresses and what mattresses give them a comfortable sleep. Nowadays, shopping has become a lot easier and you can shop online from anywhere. Amongst the different types of Mattresses, Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses are high in demand.

where to buy-mattress

In the modern world, we have numerous types of Mattresses available in the market which are built with different materials, different sizes and for different people. A posturepedic mattress is the best investment for a good night’s sleep. Today, we will let you know some of the benefits of using a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Benefits of Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

  • A Sealy Posturepedic Mattress is made from quality materials. The main core of the Posturepedic Mattress offers great support to your legs and lower back. Additionally, the mattress also gives you a healthier environment to spend a comfortable night. Traditional Spring Mattress doesn’t come with support for your legs and other body parts which makes them uncomfortable.
  • Most Sealy Posturepedic Mattress is using quality fibres which helps regulates the body temperature of the users. This lets you cool down throughout the night as a result; you can have a good night sleep. The quality material can easily let the air passes through it which keeps your body temperature cool down.
  • Traditional Memory foam doesn’t provide good support to your body parts. Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses are using gel memory foam which doesn’t let the temperature increase. It remains cool down which offers a comfortable a full night sleep.
  • Sealy Posturepedic Mattress provides support to your entire body parts such as a neck, back and legs. It also protects the sensitive body parts and offers good air flow. The Posturepedic design supports your back and core which carries 50% of your body weight while sleeping.
  • Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses are designed with Orthopedic Specialist. With proper guidelines from the experts, the mattresses are developed with a design to support your body posture. With proper posture sleep, you can have a relaxed full night sleep.sealy-response-premium-satisfied-plushWhy should I purchase Sealy Posturepedic Mattress?

    In the modern world, people have no time to sit and think about the benefits of a good night sleep. They don’t care about choosing a suitable mattress and as a result, they are unable to sleep comfortably on the bed. A good night sleep keeps your body healthy and it is the key to have a healthy lifestyle. It is essential for every human-being to have full night sleep. If you can’t sleep properly on an uncomfortable mattress, you will start experiencing body pains in different parts.

    If you suffer from aches on the back, shoulders, legs and neck; then a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress suits your needs as the design of the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress is there to support all the body parts of the user.

    Moreover, the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress is approved by OAB (Orthopedic Advisory Board). If you pay a visit to an Orthopedic Center, they would recommend you to sleep on the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress as it helps you to sleep more quickly than the traditional spring mattress.

    Buying guides – Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

    Since there are numerous models and different ranges of Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses available in the market, the Selection procedure of buying a perfect Mattress for your bed is the most crucial and challenging tasks. You can bring the suited Sealy Posturepedic Mattress from a range by exploring all the available models and ranges from the website. The Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses come indifferent shapes and sizes and there are plenty of choices available for you when you explore the website.

    Once you make up your mind, you can compare the price of the mattress with the same series online. If you find a great deal online by exploring a variety of mattresses online, you should purchase it right away.

Stearns & Foster Hustonville as seen at Sears.

8 Feb Also know as Cora

Have you seen the Stearns and Foster Hustonville.  It’s shown at Sears.  The S&F Hustonville is is in the Estate Collection and the starting model in this collection.  The S&F Estate Hustonville is available in 5 Different comfort choices.

S&F Estate Hustonville Luxury Firm

S&F Estate Hustonville Luxury Cushion Firm

S&F Estate Hustonville Luxury Plush

S&F Estate Hustonville Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop

S&F Estate Hustonville Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop

Many people ask for a name comparisons on the Stearns and Foster Collection.  Did you know that S&F will give different names to different retailers to make if difficult to cross shop mattresses.  Don’t worry we have done the work for you.  The S&F Hustonville as seen at Sears is the same as our Stearns and Foster Estate Oak Terrace.

The S&F Estate Oak Terrace is the same exact mattress as seen at Sears just has a different name. Our S&F Oak Terrace is also available in the same 5 comfort choices.  Please check them out.

Home Mattress Center can deliver any S&F for FREE and NO SALES TAX!  Please email us to see if the mattress you are looking for has any additional coupons available.


Andy Bloom & Herme Bloom • Home Mattress Center’s Top Sleep Docs








Benefits of buying a mattress from a locally owned and operated business

12 Sep

Since 1965 Home Mattress Center has been locally owned and operated by the father and son team of Herme and Andy Bloom. As company President, Herme Bloom has over 51 years working in the mattress industry. In the early 90’s Andy joined his father in managing the company. Together they bring a combined 76 years of experience to helping customers get the right mattress at the right price. Today Home Mattress Center operates two mattress showrooms in Delaware, along with an e-commerce business at, which offer a level of service, care and professionalism that only a locally owned and operated business can deliver.

All members of the Home Mattress Center team are your neighbors, your friends and a part of the local community. We have a unique “neighborly” approach to helping you find the ideal mattress that’s just right for you, and your budget.

No high pressure sales tactics, no inflated mattress prices or expensive delivery fees. You won’t feel pressured to buy, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our many thousands of past customer have bought with confidence that they didn’t overpay, and can rest assured of the best sleep possible for many years to come. Because we stand behind every sale to ensure your satisfaction.

At Home Mattress Center we don’t have sales people, instead we call our Mattress Experts “Sleep Doctors”Why? Sales people simply try to sell a product, our Sleep Doctors are highly trained and spend the time to listen to your needs, understand what you’d like in a new mattress, and any take into account any specific requirements that you may have. Then they help you to find the mattress that is the best fit for your individual needs.

Andy Bloom and Herme Bloom - Home Mattress Center's Top Sleep Docs

Home Mattress Center’s Top Sleep Doctors – Andy Bloom and Herme Bloom

Our Sleep Doctors have a friendly bedside manner so you’ll never feel pressured to buy, and they always provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. At Home Mattress Center you get personalized attention, people that care and management that wants you to be a completely satisfied customer.

With two generations managing the business, Herme and Andy see the industry evolving everyday. Herme brings insights gained by a lifetime in the business, a personal way of working with customers face to face and knowing that pleasing every single customer is the only way to insure success. Andy brings  computer skills and knowledge of today’s internet marketing to manage the new ways of shopping to the “Old School” methods of pleasing customers.

Price is never and issue for Home Mattress Center customers, because we will match or beat almost all prices on the same products and provide a top notch level of service.  If things ever happen go astray, we are here to solve the problem.  You don’t get lost in endless phone chains or end up dealing with people who do not have a personal stake in the business.

Considering buying a new mattress? Put Home Mattress Center to the test, and discover great brands, great low prices and a better mattress buying experience.

As Herme has said for over 5 decades, “I guarantee it”.