Benefits of buying a mattress from a locally owned and operated business

12 Sep

Since 1965 Home Mattress Center has been locally owned and operated by the father and son team of Herme and Andy Bloom. As company President, Herme Bloom has over 51 years working in the mattress industry. In the early 90’s Andy joined his father in managing the company. Together they bring a combined 76 years of experience to helping customers get the right mattress at the right price. Today Home Mattress Center operates two mattress showrooms in Delaware, along with an e-commerce business at, which offer a level of service, care and professionalism that only a locally owned and operated business can deliver.

All members of the Home Mattress Center team are your neighbors, your friends and a part of the local community. We have a unique “neighborly” approach to helping you find the ideal mattress that’s just right for you, and your budget.

No high pressure sales tactics, no inflated mattress prices or expensive delivery fees. You won’t feel pressured to buy, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our many thousands of past customer have bought with confidence that they didn’t overpay, and can rest assured of the best sleep possible for many years to come. Because we stand behind every sale to ensure your satisfaction.

At Home Mattress Center we don’t have sales people, instead we call our Mattress Experts “Sleep Doctors”Why? Sales people simply try to sell a product, our Sleep Doctors are highly trained and spend the time to listen to your needs, understand what you’d like in a new mattress, and any take into account any specific requirements that you may have. Then they help you to find the mattress that is the best fit for your individual needs.

Andy Bloom and Herme Bloom - Home Mattress Center's Top Sleep Docs

Home Mattress Center’s Top Sleep Doctors – Andy Bloom and Herme Bloom

Our Sleep Doctors have a friendly bedside manner so you’ll never feel pressured to buy, and they always provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. At Home Mattress Center you get personalized attention, people that care and management that wants you to be a completely satisfied customer.

With two generations managing the business, Herme and Andy see the industry evolving everyday. Herme brings insights gained by a lifetime in the business, a personal way of working with customers face to face and knowing that pleasing every single customer is the only way to insure success. Andy brings  computer skills and knowledge of today’s internet marketing to manage the new ways of shopping to the “Old School” methods of pleasing customers.

Price is never and issue for Home Mattress Center customers, because we will match or beat almost all prices on the same products and provide a top notch level of service.  If things ever happen go astray, we are here to solve the problem.  You don’t get lost in endless phone chains or end up dealing with people who do not have a personal stake in the business.

Considering buying a new mattress? Put Home Mattress Center to the test, and discover great brands, great low prices and a better mattress buying experience.

As Herme has said for over 5 decades, “I guarantee it”.

Where is the best place to buy a mattress?

16 Aug

Mattress-ShoppingShopping for a mattress and inundated with the choices?  There are big chain mattress stores, department stores and specialty stores all claiming to give you the best deal, delivery and service.  It’s enough to frustrate any consumer.

Local and independent Mattress Stores should be your first choice.  Getting the best guidance, the fairest price, experienced staff and the best service the three things you’ll get a local independent mattress store.

The big chains tend to oversell because the sales commission is so important to the sales person.  They drive you to the most expensive beds  Their selection is very good at the high end, but the middle and economy level mattress are not shown or offered readily.  Service and promises are easily overlooked because no one person takes responsibility.  Chances are the sales person you deal with moves from store to store, and the service desk is far away from you with no local support to help you out if they fail to complete delivery or you have a problem.

Mattress ShoppingHome Mattress Center has 50 years of experience doing things the right way – with two convenient showrooms located in sales tax-free Delaware (Wilmington, DE & Newark, DE).  Our mission statement, “WE DELIVER SLEEP’, is geared toward helping you, our valued customer. We want you to leave our showroom with the belief that we will deliver on our word.  Customers are loyal to Home Mattress Center and consistently recommend their friends to us.

Mattress Removal is no problem for us as when we deliver and set up your new bed, we will remove your old mattress and box spring.

We have the ability to ship to most cities in the United States, however, if you are out of the area, check out our dedicated e-commerce website here: , which also offers information in both Korean and Chinese Languages.

WE DELIVER SLEEP… and we’d love to help you get the best sleep possible, with an enjoyable shopping experience and a great low price.

Herme Bloom,
Home Mattress Center
2 locations Wilmington, DE and Newark, DE

Why should I buy an adjustable bed?

16 Aug

Fully Adjustable Mattress BaseFully Adjustable beds are no longer only for those with medical needs. Today they are for everyone who wants the comfort and flexibility of working, reading and recharging in bed.

The health benefits of an adjustable bed are exponential!  Potentially improve your posture, help lower back pain, increase circulation and enjoy customized support while enjoying the comfort you dream about.
  • There is a Zero G setting which raises your feet to the same level as your heart, which delivers less heart stress. Swollen feet or ankles are minimized quickly.
  • Raising you legs takes stress off you back, if your suffering with back pain.
  • All adjustments are done with a remote so you can quickly and easily find the position that is most stress relieving.

You use the power seat in your car, right? While you only spend a few hours in the car every week, you spend six to 8 hours a night in your bed.  The fully-adjustable bed, with all the features (some include sleep trackers and vibration), costs about the same as the power seats in your car.

Fully Adjustable Bed FoundationYou keep a car three or four years, the average bed is kept for over ten years.  This is a real “SLEEPER” of a value.

Some of today’s adjustable beds offer charging ports, a place to connect your iPad or Phone, and speakers to play music.  Many types of these beds are available from the low price of $699 in Queen Size to the fully- loaded bed at $2200.

Home Mattress Center carries a range of Adjustable Bed Bases to suit your preferences and your budget. For details, please call us today: 1-800-220-1200

Herme Bloom,
Home Mattress Center
2 locations Wilmington, DE and Newark, DE

This Will Help You Sit Comfortably In Your Bed

16 Aug

Adjustable Base MattressYou can make the time you spend in bed, reading, watching TV, working with your iPad or any other activity more enjoyable for a very reasonable price.

Heads-up only adjustable, remotely-operated foundations or bases replace traditional box springs and give you unlimited flexibility in finding the right position to make yourself comfortable.

You don’t need five pillows; only one or two will do with the Adjustable Heads-Up feature.

It is also a real plus when you are dealing with sinus issues, acid reflux, ear problems, snoring and a variety of other health issues.

Generally when you get a new set of bedding, most buy the box spring.  Instead of spending $200-250 on a box spring, use the cost reduction and apply it to the Adjustable Base. You will then be able to work, sleep or lounge comfortably and your final costs will be about $ 250 with the credit of the box spring applied to the purchase.

Home Mattress Center carries a range of Adjustable Base options, for information please call us today: 1-800-220-1200

Herme Bloom,
Home Mattress Center
2 locations Wilmington, DE and Newark, DE

College Bound? Need a Mattress?

12 Aug

280x147-Moving-DormParents and their college students are in the midst of packing up their cars and heading off to the college or university of their dreams.

For parents: Wouldn’t you want to know your child is getting the best night’s sleep possible so they are well rested for classes, studying and all that comes with college life?

In order to make this happen, a mattress check is in order.

If you’re moving into a dorm room, find out if you can replace the mattress.  If replacements are allowable, check the width and length – they often vary from the standard twin size which is approximately 39” x 75”.

If you’re in a apartment or house situation, buy the size that fits; Twin is 39 x 75, Full is 54 x 75 and Queen is 60 x 80.

In many older homes, getting a queen-size foundation up narrow stairs is a problem.  Play it safe by purchasing Split Foundations (probably about and additional $100 and save yourself the grief of having to return or dispose of it.

Parents are spending a fortune to send your son or daughter off to college; you don’t want to spend a fortune on a set of bedding.

280x147-Coeds-Studying-Dorm.jpgBuy something comfortable and supportive as it does not need to be expensive.
Keep in mind that the bed is usually the only piece of furniture that your child will use in their dorm or apartment all of the time while reading, on his/her iPad, texting and studying.

With most other mattress retailers, delivery and set up, as well as timing for delivery may be an issue.  You can depend on Home Mattress Center to help you work out the details.
If you are a University of Delaware Student (we probably delivery more beds to the students than all the rest of the stores in the area combined), our on-line ordering makes it possible for us to deliver on time.  Same goes for out-of-state college deliveries as we can guide you through the process.

After all, I have supplied mattresses to myself at NYU (many years ago), children in Atlanta, Boston and Maryland.  Now I have grandchildren in Connecticut and New Jersey, they are all sleeping on Home Mattress Center beds.

We hope to help you make your child’s college experience the best it can be.

Herme Bloom,
Home Mattress Center
2 locations Wilmington, DE and Newark, DE


New Prices for the Sealy Posturepedics!

26 Mar

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26 Feb

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